Will you accept loose bottles and cans?

The pickers often travel on foot, so they need refundables to be packaged in a sturdy plastic bag.


What if the pickup doesn't happen?

We try to work with both your schedule and the pickers' schedule the best we can, but sometimes things come up. If your pickup doesn't happen within your confirmed time and date, please email pickd@calgarycan.ca and our coordinator will arrange a new pickup time at your convenience. 


Why do you ask about the amount of glass I have?

Pickers often travel on foot and too much glass will make it more difficult for them to transport their pickup. If we have an idea of how much glass is in your pickup in advance, we can try to accommodate it.


What if my neighbours don't want me to invite bottle pickers into their community?

We recommend that you ask them to reflect on where their fear is coming from. There are over 1000 bottle pickers in Calgary and they are an extremely diverse group of people and they all pick for different reasons. At the end of the day, pickers are providing a service that improves our environment while contributing to the local economy and while their job might look different than yours, they are working hard and should be respected for it.


Why should I participate?

Whether you have a blue bin or not, by participating in this project, you will be supporting informal recycling in this city while also helping to reduce the number of refundables that get sent to Calgary area landfills every year. 


Why don't you accept evening pickup requests?

Bottle depots aren't open at night, and it's difficult for many pickers to store their refundables overnight.


Where does the money from my refundables go?

All proceeds from refundables will go to directly to the picker that picks them up from your location.


Why isn't the service available to those that live outside of the downtown/beltline area?

PICK'd is still in its infancy and in order to make sure the program runs smoothly, we decided to stick to an area that is often frequented by pickers. We hope to expand in the future and service a larger area of the city.