Calgary Can Launches PICK'd Pilot

On March 1st Calgary Can is launching a new initiative called PICK'd, and will be offering next-day, refundable pick-up services for homes, offices, businesses and more - as long as you’re within the Downtown or Beltline area (i.e. Mission, Cliff Bungalow, Sunalta, China Town, Bridgeland, Sunnyside, Inglewood, etc.).

Our small but dedicated team of bottle pickers and committed members of our Bottle Pickers Advisory Committee (BPAC), have agreed to help activate the pilot and have been equipped to meet your refundables pick-up needs. All we need is an address and the desired date/time of your pick-up and we take care of the rest. It’s quick! It’s easy! It’s awesome!

We envision PICK’d as a free recycling service that can benefit bottle pickers by giving them easier and safer access to more refundables, and connect us as a larger community of people who care about recycling and meaningful livelihoods in the process!

You can sign up for the PICK'd Pilot here and tell your friends, your family, your barista, your yoga instructor or your condo board and have them join us too!

Thank you!